Our Team


The extended team at Chris Rawlings Design.


Christopher Rawlings

Founder, Designer

Chris started Chris Rawlings Design in 2014 and has several years experience in design and marketing. He is responsible for all branding, digital design and graphic design work at Chris Rawlings Design, as well as overseeing day-to-day operations.


Chris Street


Chris currently works as a freelance photographer and animator, helping with the development of videos and animations at Chris Rawlings Design. Chris holds five years experience as an animator/video editor, particularly in the field of estate agency marketing, and has produced work for a wide array of videos working for estate agent marketing companies, including Precision Property Marketing/Precision Marketing Group. Chris is also a photographer, having had images featured in Digital SLR Magazine on several occasions, as well as a local photographic exhibition and local newspapers.


Katie Hatfield


Katie currently works as a freelance editor and has joined the team to handle the proofreading at Chris Rawlings Design. She is a professionally trained Proofreader, Copy Editor and Copywriter with a decade of experience having also worked in a Marketing Agency. Her job is to sell your brand through words and luckily, words are what she loves the most.


Sean Billings


Sean currently works as director of the software development company Syrinx Systems and has agreed to help with the development of websites and applications. Sean is equipped with more than 25 years of experience working within various sectors of the IT industry, creating new software as well as developing and supporting off-the-shelf software systems, advising clients on how to get the very best out of their technology, and providing a full range of engineering services. Sean is an expert at drilling down into the finer details of a project to ensure no creative or innovative stone is left unturned, and he always make certain that our clients receive solid and lasting benefits from every project.